The Constitution of

Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA)

University of Nevada

Reno, Nevada

Article 1: Name

The Association shall be known as Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA) of University of Nevada, Reno.

Article 2: Aim and Purpose

The aim and purpose of Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA) shall be to:

(1)   Protect, advance, facilitate and serve the interests of the University’s students of Bangladeshi descent.

(2)  Promote greater participation with the University’s community by these students to promote goals of mutual understanding and benefits.

(3)  Enhance enrollment of high school graduates originating from families of Bangladeshi descent.

(4)  Foster international understanding and goodwill among UNR students through educational and recreational events.

(5)   Pursue and promote extra-curricular activities in the campus.

Article 3: Membership

General membership of BSA shall be open to all UNR students, faculty members and employees regardless of race, color, creed, age, nationality, religion, sex or handicap.  There shall be two types of membership: (a) Voting and (b) Non-voting.

Anyone who is a student, faculty or employee of the University of Nevada, Reno, and attended at least two BSA meetings during an academic year shall be considered a Voting member.  All others shall be Non-voting, Associate members.  One must be a Voting member to be eligible to hold Executive Committee position with BSA.


Article 4: Officials

The Association shall have an Executive Committee of (1) President,  (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary,  (4) Treasurer, (5) Joint Secretary(Two), and (6) Organizing Secretary. There will also be Executive members.

Article 5: Honorary Mentors

The Bangladeshi Student Association, at its option, may nominate distinguished people in the community  to be its non-voting Honorary Mentors.  BSA shall seek to benefit from the advice and assistance from Honorary Mentors.


The President shall be the Chief Executive of BSA, the presiding officer of all meetings, and shall be responsible and accountable for all aspects of its operation. The President shall provide leadership and motivation to the members in accordance with the aim and purpose of the association.  The President, upon consultation with the Vice-President, shall determine the dates and times of all meetings.  S/he shall perform other responsibilities as authorized by the Executive Committee.


The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties.  The Vice-President shall perform President’s duties in the absence of the President and be first in line of succession to the President in the event of a vacancy. He/she shall organize community activities and communicate with members of BSA and other University associations via emails, phone calls, etc.


The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of BSA. He/she shall be responsible for maintaining updated membership list.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters of BSA. The treasurer will be responsible for all necessary paperwork with the Student Activities Office and shall be a signatory, along with the President, for the funds of BSA.


Joint Secretary:

The Joint Secretary shall help the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer to organize meetings and various events.

Organizing Secretary:          

The Organizing Secretary shall organize various events and make communication with the community to be involved in this association.


Article 6: Quorum

Attendance by 50% of the Voting members shall form the quorum of a general meeting.  For Executive Committee meetings, attendance by four of the six members shall be required to form a quorum.

Article 7: Election

Nomination Procedure:

Candidates for Executive Committee shall be nominated by any Voting member.

Election Procedure:

Majority votes of Voting members present shall determine the winner of a contested election for Executive Committee office. Elections shall be conducted by a secret ballot and open tabulation.

The term of office for Executive Committee shall be one year. The Executive Committee, by a majority vote, shall fill a vacant position.

Article 8: Amendments

The Constitution can be changed by a two-thirds vote of Voting members, upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee, or by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee at a meeting specifically called for purpose.

The End.